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"A great job of weaving cutting edge technology into the story, without making it seem forced or implausible. The integration of popular science and the emerging tech of today was a big seller for me."

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The global fight against terrorism has a new name...

Reaper Two-Six.

The Rise of Global Insurgency kicks off in the highly trained black-ops squadron's fifth year of operations. Showcasing fast-paced action, suspense and drama, along with utilizing state-of-the-art technology, exhilarating combat sequences, believable hard-edged characters, and a fresh inventive plot, this techno-thriller novel is a must read.

Reaper Two-Six was created with a singular purpose...

Fiercely Fight Worldwide Terrorism.

RAFCO, a militant terrorist group headquartered in the vast wilderness of the Columbian jungle, managed to steal a top-secret military aircraft, named Aurora, from the controversial government installation, known as Area 51. This aircraft can surpass every known weapon and detection system known to man. In the wrong hands, the Aurora poses not only a threat to humanity, but to modern life. Unconcerned for their own survival, two Reaper pilots risk everything to save the world from catastrophe.

Anticipated release in late 2014.

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Year 6: Act of Redemption

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Year 5: The Rise of Global Insurgency

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The Author: Robert Grand

Robertís inspiration for the Reaper Two-Six™ series of novels came from his first love - flying. From a young age, airplanes had secured a special place in his heart. After high school, Robert attended The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1988. Even though working on exciting projects throughout his 25 year engineering career was very rewarding, his heart still ached for the thrill and passion of piloting an aircraft. Finally, his dream came true when he earned a private pilots' license, giving him the pure enjoyment of commanding a Grumman Tiger Aircraft.