Year 5: The Rise of Global Insurgency

- Reviews -

"It is fast-paced, action-packed, and has an intriguing political plot... I can hardly wait for year 6."

"I give it 5 stars."

By Justcute

"The action scenes are gripping and well written."

"The best praise I can give is that some of the technology description chapters made me feel like I was reading a Dan Brown novel."

By J. Adcock

"A very hard book to put down"

"Well written, fast paced"

By Noelle the Dreamer

"Fun, well researched, and an entertaining read"

"Goes into great detail about specific aircraft, characters, and fictional military operations which allows the reader to almost fall in to the story and become part of it."


"It reads like an Ace Combat game or even some of the Tom Clancy's, an obvious inspiration for the series."

"The action just gets better and better"

By RedDiamondO89

Year 5: The Rise of Global Insurgency

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