Year 6: Act of Redemption

The threat of worldwide terrorism demands that governments around the globe spend more and more of their precious capital on the security of their citizens. The resulting economic impact cripples nations; they struggle to manage commerce, international trade, business growth, job creation, and tourism. The world economy is on the brink of collapse.

Six years ago, in response to overwhelming international pressure, NATO+ creates the Global Defense Organization (GDO) with a singular purpose — fiercely fight worldwide terrorism. The hand-picked GDO leaders form Reaper Two-Six™: an elite forty-eight member multinational covert squadron that monitors, infiltrates, and eliminates terrorist activities.

The Reapers, as they’re known, are all top military pilots from countries around the globe. Many having additional specialties — ground operations, snipers, communications, reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering.

RAFCO, a highly trained and well-funded global terrorist group headquartered in the vast wilderness of the Colombian jungle, manages to steal a top-secret hypersonic stealth aircraft, the Aurora, from the controversial United States government installation, known as Area 51.

The GDO, disbanded due to a targeted political witch-hunt nearly a year ago, is now re-enlisted by the President of the United States to help find the Aurora. This aircraft can surpass every known weapon and detection system on the face of the Earth. In the wrong hands, the Aurora poses not only a threat to humanity but to the very fabric of today’s modern society.

Now isolated, alone, and unconcerned for their own survival, two Reaper pilots risk everything to save the world from a global cataclysm.

Act of Redemption

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