Year 6: Act of Redemption

"... a stunningly realistic scenario which, in today’s world, is probably more likely than not."

"This is a novel that should be required reading for everyone in America of voting age."

By Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

"As techno-thrillers go, Act of Redemption is near the top: danger and plenty of action ...

"A true 'what if' scenario, or a prophesy of what's to come?"

By J. Conrad Guest, author of the Joe January trilogy and four other novels

"A fast-paced and action-driven story which will keep the reader turning pages. Grand creates an easy and entertaining read which would I recommend to all readers."

"Robert A. Grand does a great job keeping the reader interested and craving for the next page throughout the book."

By Michel Violante for Reader View

"It is a real blockbuster and grips your attention right from the first page till the end. Exciting action along with a well-defined plot keep you flipping pages."

"Can't wait for the movie and for year 7!"

By Justcute

"From the very start, this book just grabs you. Like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs, you are brought along on quite the adventure. The characters really come to life in this book."

"Highly recommended."

By Jeremy B.

"It kept me entertained and painted a movie in my head, wishing I was part of it..."

"Keep doing what you're doing."

By Matthew H.

Act of Redemption

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